Album Review: Rag’n’Bone Man—“Human”

By Felipe Vallejo, featured photo via Mydaybydaymusic

Until recently, the name Rag’n’Bone Man was probably unheard of unless you were part of the indie hip-hop scene in rural England. After his debut release Human, his powerful soul voice is gracing the ears of people all over the world. 



“Human” Album Cover

Born and raised off of blues legends and hip hop MC’s, real-name Rory Graham was one his way to be a rapper until his father suggested him to try to sing blues at a local pub. After an enthusiastic response, Rory began working on a new style of music, and began mixing both hip hop and blues with his soulful voice. The results were remarkable, and upon the release of Human, the music world began to recognize his brilliance. With his lead single “Human” gaining rapid exposure, the rest of the album has begun to get it’s much deserved attention. With formidable songs like “Innocent Man,” “Skin,” and “The Fire,” the laden hip-hop tracks allow him to reach new heights with his soul-inspired voice and does so on most of the album. 


Yet, he does not forget his blues roots, with “Wolves” and “Die Easy” becoming clear-cut examples of what the relatively underrated-yet-incredible genre of Neo-Blues is really all about. He’s even mixed acoustic tracks with his voice, allowing for an emotional and chilling experience with tracks such as “Life in Her Yet.” Overall, his first album is composed of sick hip hop tracks, blues-inspired instrumentals and his one-of-a-kind soul voice, all beautifully woven in the marvellous tapestry that is Human. Want a rollercoaster of emotions? Call Rag’n’Bone Man. Columbia Records



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