Song of The Week: “Need to Feel Your Love,” by Sheer Mag

By Dora Boras, Feature Photo via Rolling Stone

Following the release of their EP, III, Philadelphia rockers Sheer Mag have dropped the title track of their upcoming full-length debut, Need to Feel Your Love. The song is funky and upbeat, punctuated with a pulsing bass line that is glazed over with rolling guitar harmonies. Singer Christina Halladay pleads for the affection of a lover, her voice echoing. Her vocals drive the song, providing a swaying groove while the rough texture of her tone preserve Sheer Mag’s punk heritage. Sheer Mag’s music comfortably fits the rock-genre mould, but refrains from being ordinary. “Need to Feel Your Love” provides an exciting glimpse of the upcoming album, as Halladay reminisces on a familiar romantic ache. At first listen, the song appears familiar to the canon of Sheer Mag’s former EP releases, but proves to be captivating with its sensuality and nostalgia. Just in time for the summer, “Need to Feel Your Love” can be paired perfectly with evening drives with the windows down, lit by the setting sun. The playful energy of the mid tempo beat invokes an unmistakably 70’s-inspired funk, balancing the sometimes tinny garage-punk texture of Halladay’s voice. “Need to Feel Your Love” signals a re-introduction for the band as they mature into full-length format, but stays true to their road-worn sound.



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