Toronto Jazz Festival 2017: Caravan Palace

Article and Photos by Tyson Moll

Straight from Paris, Caravan Palace. Hold your roses close, keep your dazzler’s pinned and brace yourself for a Chaplin-era evening of electro swing!

DJ Medicineman opened the night with his electro swing mix as fans trickled in. For the uninitiated, the electro swing genre takes swing music originating from the 1920s and combines it with EDM for a vintage-tinged, oft jumpin’ sound. Some guests were aptly dressed for the evening in their Chaplin-style eyeliner and suspenders. I suppose it’s not far off from steam punk.
The seven-piece Caravan Palace arrived at the Phoenix last Monday dressed head to toe like a Broadway act. As headliners for the TD Jazz festival, the band played bangers off their recent album <|°_°|> (colloquially known as Robot Face), as well as classic hits like, “Clash,” and “Jolie Coquine”. Zoé Colotis absolutely captivated audiences with her songbird voice and dynamic gesture. She and Antoine even got in a few rounds of jive dancing at centre stage as the Palace kept the livewire audience going well into the evening. The brass, the violin, the oboe, a baritone sax and Barbier’s xylophone solo made it nothing short of an incredible time.




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