Musician’s Hands: UofT Student Profiles

By Emily Scherzinger

Auguste Rodin, the famous sculptor, created a set of modeled and casted plaster hands to represent their expressiveness. The hands he displayed in his work range – some are pairs of two different people holding hands, while some are a musician’s hands, such as a pianist’s. A musician’s hands are possibly the most valuable tools they have to create their art. Over time, just like a bricklayer, their hands begin to show the wear and tear they have gone through to perfect their craft. Every musician’s hands are different based on the instruments they play and how they play them; string players may have calluses, pianists may have knobby fingers. Demo Photographer Emily Scherzinger took a look at a few U of T students’ most valuable tools in expressing their art: the hands of musicians here on campus. In this modern age, Scherzinger was able to gather a snapshot of the expressiveness that hands translate, without dirtying musicians’ hands in plaster casts as Rodin once did.


Steven Suddaby

Age:  18

Year:  First

Program of Study:  Rotman Commerce

Instrument:  Guitar

Suddaby has been playing the guitar since he was 14 or 15.  His favourite song to play is “A Certain Romance” by the Arctic Monkeys.  He plays guitar on a Fender Telecaster 72 Thinline.


Kaitlin Robertson

Age:  18

Year:  Second

Program of Study:  Double major in English and Philosophy

Instrument(s):  Piano, voice, and guitar

Robertson has been singing and playing piano for ten years, and has been playing guitar for three.  Her main focus is vocals.  Her favourite song to play on piano and sing is “Ain’t Nobody’s Business”, a jazz standard, by Billie Holiday.


Patricia Riddel

Age:  21

Year:  Third

Program of Study:  Concurrent teacher education program, majoring in trumpet

Instrument(s):  Most of the brass instruments, many string instruments

Riddel has a special love for trumpet – so much that she decided to major in it!  She loves to play classical repertoire and every now and then dabble in jazz.

Suzanna Balabuch

Age:  23

Year:  Fifth

Program of Study:  European Studies major, with a double minor in English and French

Instrument(s):  Ukulele, piano

Baladuch has been playing her main instrument, piano, for 16 years, and has been playing ukulele for a year.  She enjoys playing classical music on the piano: her favourite composition is “Vocalise” by Rachmaninoff.  On ukulele, she enjoys playing pop and indie songs.  Her favourite song to play is “Be OK” by Ingrid Michaelson.

Rodin Pianist’s Hands


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