Songs Of The Summer 2012: Part Seven

With summer in full swing, we asked our Demo contributors, some Canadian musicians and a variety of U of T students what song they hope will represent their four months of sun.  Over the next weeks, we will share what they said. 

Matt Schellenberg, Royal Canoe

Song: Neighbour Crime

Artist: Capybara

Album: Dave Drusky

Capybara’s “Neighbor Crimes” sonically and lyrically embodies the restless quest that I feel every day as my shoes hit the sidewalk on a Winnipeg summer day. There are so few of them before winter will be back to kick your ass, so you have to pack as much as you possibly can into every minute. Every Winnipeger knows this, and the day when it is finally hot enough to wear a t-shirt is like some sort of city-wide summer orgasm; Winnipegers pour out onto the streets euphorically looking for adventure. For us in Royal Canoe, our days will be spent biking with beers, fence-hopping residential pools and climbing abandoned roof-tops, soaking in every moment we can, and then hopefully composing the soundtrack to our next summer of the same. So put “Neighbor Crimes” by Capybara on your iPod and get moving, stir up some shit, go skinny-dipping, stay up all night and let this be your soundtrack to summer 2012.


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