Songs Of The Summer 2012: Part Ten

With summer in full swing, we asked our Demo contributors, some Canadian musicians and a variety of U of T students what song they hope will represent their four months of sun.  Over the next weeks, we will share what they said. 

Thom Gill (T H O M A S, OG Melody)

Song: Dream Baby Dream

Artist: Neneh Cherry & The Thing

Album: The Cherry Thing

Suicide ain’t comin round again any time soon but pssh! Who needs ’em when Neneh’s back, The Thing is back and we got this hot new record of empowering skronk-stompers to keep us dreamin’?!

So – “Dream Baby Dream” is the sound of July 1st in a blazing hot T.O. :
– Renting a truck and moving my stuff out of storage and into my phat dope new apartment with my super-pals, sweatin and sluggin it out and having big fun. All the while, this album raging in the background…
– Canada singing Happy Birthday to itself to the tune of this peaceful jam! Showing Harper we know what this country’s REALLY about : Respect!
– Pride Day celebrations downtown. My peeps shoving beautiful colours in the world’s face! And the world rejoices alongside!

I love Paal Nilsson-Love’s time feel so much here!
And Mats Gustafsson whittles all my emotions down into one: yahoo!
Ingebrigt Haker-Flaten’s bad-ass tone is unrivaled.
Neneh rips the sentiment out of the lyrics and squashes it with her bare feet and throws it in your face and you love it and never want it to end!
“keep those dreams free
keep holding on yeah
keep that flame burning baby yeah”
That’s the theme of my summer. The flame is on high yo!


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