CMW 2013: Saturday Pt. 2

By Adam Bernhardt

Canadian Music Fest is a music festival featuring artists from all genres in venues across Toronto, running from March 19th to March 24th. 

Valerie Dour

Dan Miller, also known by his stage name, Valerie Dour, kicked off the evening’s festivities with his opaque, synth-heavy soundscapes that channeled new wave and house music to deadly effect. Surrounded by a wall of synthesizers, Valerie Dour conjured up startling cacophonous samples, which alternated with glacial electronic passages all to a pounding sway friendly beat. Although his performance didn’t differ too much from his work in bands like Meeko Cheech, it was still hard not to find oneself captivated by his high-energy house inspired jams.

Valerie Dour at Comfort Zone

Valerie Dour at Comfort Zone

Doom Squad

Doom Squad have developed quite the reputation for being a stellar live act, and this Saturday’s performance maintained this distinction.  The monochromatic color scheme, occult face paint, and synchronized dance moves created a hypnotically bewitching stage presence, which perfectly complemented the dense, interweaving vocals and synthesizers.  Invoking dark tribal rhythms and synths that conjured an utterly alien psychedelic groove, Doom Squad’s music steadily evolved over the course of their set to incorporate flutes, recorders, and jarring guitar, all drowning in a sea of interlacing echo. Although lacking the bowed guitar of earlier performances, this had little effect on the quality of their show. At times mesmerizing and at others exciting, Doom Squad is definitely worth all of your money. All of it.

Trevor of Doom Squad at Comfort Zone, photo by Emily Scherzinger

Trevor of Doom Squad at Comfort Zone, photo by Emily Scherzinger

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