Hart House Sessions: Molly Thomason

The Hart House Sessions is a series highlighting musicians playing at Hart House, the student art centre at the University of Toronto.

Demo had the pleasure of filming Molly Thomason, a Toronto musician by way of Nova Scotia, for the first of our Hart House Sessions series. Before she played her three-song set for us, we had a conversation with Molly that went from her love for Avril Lavigne in one breath to philosophically questioning who owns music in the next breath. With her hands relaxed over her guitar, she explained how she always wanted to be a rock star as a kid. “I didn’t think I’d actually, like, ever be a musician for my job,” she said, after telling us how she got her start through Music Nova Scotia, a music program that aims to facilitate and encourage young musicians in Nova Scotia. “But then it all kind of happened. [My first CD] got more attention – like, more than I anticipated. And because of that, I just did shows.”

Molly is gearing up for releasing her third album, which she describes as her greatest experience as a musician. “I got to work with some really, really cool people,” she said. “Like, John-Angus McDonald from The Trews produced it, and then Cone from Sum-41 played bass on it…Like, my manager and I just stepped up a lot.” But when asked about her future goals as a musician, she returns to her love for playing live shows. “I think my goal is to play in front of as many people who have never heard of me as possible. Make new friends, new fans through my music all the time. Like, I got an e-mail this past summer from two guys in Russia who wanted me to send them, like, autographs and stuff. So it’s crazy how many people you can reach.”


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