Show Review: The Folk At The Horseshoe Tavern

By Erik Masson

I have finally attended a concert of indie rock band The Folk. The long wait and continued word-of-mouth praise for the band made my anticipation and excitement boil over, and yet this five-piece powerhouse still managed to exceed my wildest expectations.  Preceded by the terrific Flowers of Hell and the joyously ear-bleeding Cursed Arrows, the Folk took to the stage at midnight. They were already facing the largest crowd of the evening by far, which seemed to contain many loyal fans of the band. They erupted into a loud, powerful, and beautiful set of eight songs, sandwiching an untitled new song between an amazing intro of “Soft Dispute,” and their final song, “Rules of Youth.” Their songs feature hard-hitting drum lines with soaring vocals, catchy lyrics, and intricate yet sharp and prevalent guitar riffs. Their bassist is a force of nature, traversing the stage to engage the crowd and swinging his instrument around in what could only be described as a rock frenzy. After the set was finished, the crowd begged for an encore, and the band happily obliged, playing a song from one of their EP’s, entitled “Many Are Lost”.

The Folk via their website

The Folk via their website

The Folk consists of twin sisters Sara Bortolon-Vettor and Emma Bortolon-Vettor, with Sara on guitar and lead vocals and Emma playing a phenomenally ambient lead guitar. There is also Mark Ferrari on vocals and guitar, Liam Magahay thundering on the bass, and Patrick Rhody on drums. They are in the process of recording their first LP entitled We All Say, which is part of a concept trilogy called “The Communication Series”. You Say, I Say, and Say It Again are the other two EPs of the trilogy. The Folk can be found on Bandcamp and their website. Keep your ears and eyes out for these guys; if you like to dance, rock, and generally feel good, seeing one of their shows is a decision you have to make.


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