Songs Of The Summer 2013: Part Three

It’s that time of year again! Classes have been out for a month, the sun has finally come out, and we’re busy relaxing like it’s our job. Except for those of us with summer jobs or courses, that is. We asked our Demo contributors to share a song that reflects their summer.

Sian Last, 2nd year, Art History/Political Science

Song: “Girl In Your Eye”

Artist: Spirit

Album: Spirit

This song is really the existential song about the shifting of love over time.  For me, this love is about my city—Minneapolis.  The longer I was away, the more I felt I could leave my home, but after looking upon my city again, I know I will never fall out of love with it.  I may find new loves, but Minneapolis will always hold a deep and tender corner of heart filled with memories of summer and sunshine….and lots of snow.

The timelessness of this song also reflects the timelessness of summer to me. Despite changes in technology and lifestyle, in the summer, people revert.  We forsake cars for walking and biking, videogames for sports on the beach, the comfort of our perfected dwellings for the comfort of warm sunshine and sand.  We want to be reminded of past times, which we see as simpler and sweeter.  We want to relive these bygone moments of fun and sun in a perfect present—found outside under the same sun the shone over millions before us.

So, what better way to reflect this nostalgic longing than a song about past but never fading love?  I know summer will be gone before I know it, but I will always long for it.


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