Songs Of The Summer 2013: Part Four

It’s that time of year again! Classes are out, the sun has finally come out, and we’re busy relaxing like it’s our job. Except for those of us with summer jobs or courses, that is. We asked our Demo contributors to share a song that reflects their summer.

Marko Cindric, 2nd year, Humanities

Song: “Looks Just Like the Sun”

Artist: Broken Social Scene

Album: You Forgot It in People

I fell in love with Toronto this year.

I come from a relatively small town. You know, the kind where seeing twenty people walking around downtown is clearly a sign of impending revolution. Toronto, in comparison, is a life-affirming experience: the couple getting on the streetcar with their Rotate This purchases, the photographer smoking a cigarette in Kensington, that familiar rumble you feel when you’re sitting on a bench in Queen’s Park and a subway train passes… It all has a beautiful vitality about it that sometimes goes unnoticed by those of us hardened by the grid.

“Looks Just Like the Sun” will help you notice.

Slow down. Take your time. They’ll understand. Go to your favourite place in Toronto and sit there for a while, feeling yourself breathe. You’re here. You exist, and it’s nothing short of amazing.

Enjoy your summer, everyone.


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