UofT’s Frosh Concert: Free Ice Cream, Pizza, and…Twerking?

By Sian Last

This year’s annual frosh concert boasted a bigger headliner, free ice cream and pizza, and lots of fun for its first year held on U of T’s Front Campus.

In the past, the frosh concert has taken over the back campus with many of the same attractions, but the more central location increased the hustle-and-bustle surrounding the event, The opening act was Unbuttoned,  a four-piece, indie pop/rock band. They the show with R&B and synth-influenced grooves. Following a current trend in music, Unbuttoned adds depth to their vocals with both female and male voices.  This also creates easygoing sensuality within songs, such as “Feeling” and “Something Wicked.”

Lupe Fiasco at the University of Toronto's annual frosh week concert.

Lupe Fiasco at the University of Toronto’s annual frosh week concert.

Next came Maylee Todd and her band, delivering a show of unbelievable entertainment—on stage twerking included.  Dancing around the stage in a bright printed crop top and high-waisted pants, Ms. Todd kept the crowd engaged in every song. The songstress even ventured into the audience to get people moving, and, in unusual character for the frosh concert, it worked. By the time Lupe Fiasco had hit the stage, it was easy to declare that the concert had already been a entertaining success.

Lupe Fiasco clearly had some fans in the crowd, as several people around me knew all his lyrics. Although Lupe put on a high-energy show, it was the openers who made this show for me.  Don’t get me wrong – he got people up off the ground and moving and singing along, but what everyone saw at the frosh concert was only the pinnacle of his expansive musical work. Lupe has already produced quite a few hits and had his time to shine.  What he was unable to offer was the sense of potential – the possibility to grow and flourish – that both Unbuttoned and Maylee Todd carried. And is that not what frosh week is about? The entire essence of frosh week is to welcome students into a new environment in which they are meant to foster their potential and flourish in their own ways. Unbuttoned and Maylee Todd represent this sentiment better than an already well-established character, like Lupe Fiasco


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