What To Bring To A Concert

Congratulations, you finally got a ticket to see your favourite band! Demo thinks that pre-concert excitement is the best feeling you can have. Channel some of that excitement into getting prepared by gathering the items below:

1. Kleenex – it might be cold standing in line and this is way better than scratchy paper towel from the bar washroom.

2. Reading material – Grab something on a box on the street outside. Perfect for when you’re bored and there’s nothing new on twitter.

3. Your phone – necessary to call a cab, meet up with friends, and pretend you aren’t awkward between sets.

4. The address of the venue – nothing worse than getting lost just as your favourite act goes on.

5. Comfortable clothes with easily removable layers – don’t want to hit people in the face as you shimmy out of your hoodie.

6. ID – nothing worse than getting turned away at the last minute!

7. Cash – You’ll want something at the bar or a cab ride home, trust us.

8. Your ticket – most important concert accessory!

9. Comfortable shoes – as much as you may want to show off your favourite new heels or pinchy but awesome dress shoes, save them for another night. You’ll be on your feet for hours, and hopefully dancing.

This article appeared in Demo‘s January 2014 print issue.


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