Album Review: Weezer—“Everything Will Be Alright In The End”

By Gwen Reid

It’s difficult for any band to continue to produce albums with the same freshness, wit, and innovation as their debut album. Everything Will Be Alright in the End is the ninth studio album by Weezer, and one of the best they’ve put out in a long time. However, it’s hard not to compare the album to the genius of Blue Album and Pinkerton from the band’s start in the 90s. This album, while enjoyable on the whole, lacks much of the lyricism and quirkiness that made those first two albums so great.

Rivers Cuomo, lead singer and songwriter, deals with relationships and abandonment as he winds his way through tracks like “Ain’t Got Nobody”, a catchy opening song plagued with loneliness, and the guitar-riff filled “Foolish Father.” The songs “Back to the Shack “ and  “Lonely Girl” are reminiscent of the band’s early lyrical themes and musical style. Drummer Patrick Wilson claims the album has “the tight structure of the Blue Album with a little bit more abandon like Pinkerton.”

Album art for  Everything Will Be Alright in the End

Album art for Everything Will Be Alright in the End

Then there are songs like “Cleopatra” and “The British Are Coming” that just seem to be there to as filler. Rather than serving power pop hooks, these are boring tracks that merely fill in the gaps between some very good songs.

One of the best tracks is “Go Away,” which includes a duet with Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino. In the past, the collaborations Weezer have chosen seemed random and lacked cohesion. However, Cuomo and Cosentino have matched vocals that produce a song that feels both poppy and self-loathing. This song proves the commonality of breezy relationship problem rock songs between the bands. This makes for an organic and interesting collaboration that works with the album.

There is also a sense of self-awareness in the lyrics, in particular in “Back to the Shack,” as Cuomo sings, “maybe I should play the lead guitar and Pat should play the drums” and “I finally settled down with my girl and I made up with my dad”. These seem to poke fun at the band’s latest musical exploration as Cuomo tried collaborations with the likes of B.o.B. and Lil Wayne, as well as how now Cuomo has settled many of the issues that are usually the core of his writing (and we see in many of the other tracks on this album). The band shows mindfulness to its past and future, and I think this step is part of what makes this album much better than their latest attempts.

This ninth album by Weezer just lacks the innovation to put in the league of their early albums. I enjoyed listening to it, and many individual songs were filled with all of the things that make Weezer great. It’s a catchy rock album, and that’s what Weezer does best. Still, I was hoping for some of the edge that would have pushed it into comeback territory. (Republic)


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