Album Review: Adele—“25″

By Samantha Capaldi

25 is an emotional and beautiful journey. There is no way to get through this album without crying. It is everything I would expect from Adele and so much more. She’s back into all of our lives, transcending the norms of the music industry. Anything that has seemed relevant in the current trends of music have been thrown out in place of 25. Her music is not only timeless, but seems to reach everyone on the same level. This is not just your mom’s CD, or a pop lover’s – it is everyone’s.

Album art for 25

Album art for 25

A few weeks ago, when Adele released “Hello” it seemed that the whole world stopped to listen and began to prepare for her long awaited return. Adele opens 25 with “Hello” and has this magical way of evoking emotions within everyone that they never truly have experienced in the same immediate moment.“Hello” is a staggering opening and reintroduction to Adele and her incomparable talents. There is an apparent growth here and throughout Adele’s entire comeback album. The tracks vary from being light and fun, like with “Send My Love (To Your Lover)”  to being heartbreaking and sad, like with “All I Ask.”

Although “When We Were Young” was not an official single released from 25, last week Adele shared a live performance on her social media channels. “When We Were Young” is the kind of track in which makes me forget not only how young I am, but how young Adele is, as she reflects on a time in her youth while she is still very much in her young adulthood. Her lyrics are just as stunning as Adele’s vocals. “When We Were Young”  is definitely one of the most emotional points in the album. This track is enticing, and has the ability to make you forget where you are and what you’re doing. I get completely lost in the music and into Adele’s world; into Adele’s heartbreak. Maybe this is the element in which makes Adele so remarkable as an artist; when you listen to her music, you get completely lost in it and for a few minutes, go to another place.

This is especially true in her more emotional ballads. With “Love in the Dark,” Adele is so open and honest not just here but in all of her tracks. When Adele writes and when she sings, she bares it all. Aside from “Hello,” it might be the most heartbreaking track on 25.

Adele’s attitudes towards love seems to have shifted to a more mature approach of moving on and moving forward in her life. Her songs are reflective and honest, as she always has been from 19 to 21 and now to 25. Her progression is a natural one that could only come from getting older and learning more about yourself through life’s experiences.

25 is a masterpiece. Adele has returned with such a stunning comeback of some of her best tracks (in my small opinion). To follow an album like 21 would be a challenge to any artist aside from Adele herself. It is very rare to have such a powerful and influential album once in a lifetime like Adele did with 21, and yet here she is again, years later with 25. Adele is a moving artist, who can make you feel so strongly in both happiness and in sorrow. (XL)

Listen: “Hello”


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