Song Of The Week: Disclosure—“Omen (Dillon Francis Remix)”

By Oliver Herman

Feeling the need not to give a fuck or shit? You may be in good company. Coming off the solid releases of This Mixtape Is Fire and Caracal respectively, Dillon Francis and Disclosure have had a very definitive and successful year. Whether by virtue of collective inbreeding or cross-genre pollination, it should come as no surprise that some mixing of the two should occur. Indeed, Dillon Francis’ remix of Disclosure’s hit single “Omen” makes for a very sweet icing on an already delicious cake.

Though decidedly less dramatic than his recent mixtape, Francis’ moombahton roots are clearly present in turning the expertly produced deep house track into a dance floor jam. While not the Bieber-driven earworm like Skrillex and Diplo’s “Where are Ü Now” nor the club anthem that Calvin Harris & Disciples’ “How Deep is Your Love” showed itself to be, the thick, endlessly wide bass line pleasantly draws wind from Sam Smith’s heady vocals the light, funky synth that dominated the original is replaced by a more dominant, rock-steady kick. Dynamic and deeply functional, Dillon Francis’ take on “Omen” is a quality remix that any EDM fan can enjoy.


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