Lonely Hearts—Demo’s Valentine’s Day Playlist

Liana Ernszt

The Cardigans – “Lovefool”

This song is kind of wonderful. Not only was it in Romeo + Juliet with young and adorable Leonardo DiCaprio which is everyones ideal Valentine, but it’s incredibly catchy, very enjoyable, and lyrics are actually kind of sad. Making this song the perfect Valentines day tune for anyone with any sort of relationship status!

Madonna – “Material Girl”

Old Madonna is perfect. Especially when she’s singing about diamonds. This is an ideal valentines song because Valentine’s is a super material holiday… plus the music video is almost entirely pink.

Young Thug – “Best Friend”

The young Young Thug is a lyrical genius, with wonderful beats, a charmingly large ego, and great fashion sense, I’m putting a big sum on this man’s future. I’ve suggested that this song is a good Valentine’s Day song, and I don’t believe that. I think it’s a perfect Galentine’s day song. It’s literally titled “Best Friend”… it can’t not be about best friends, who tend to be the better valentines anyway. So blast this song and love your friends.

Anu Guraya

Outkast – “Prototype”

Sweet, smooth jam for you and your (imaginary) boo. Two aliens just falling in love, catchin’ flicks in these future times, and being open to whatever happens. For a Tame Impalafied version, check out this cover. Get ready for super chill lava-lampy vibes under a blanket fort near you.

Sofia Luu

Kanye West – “Awesome”

Kanye West is your textbook definition of what it means to be a problematic fave. The verdict is, you either love him or hate him. You also cannot forget the fact that he outrageously declared Bill Cosby to be innocent or how he continues to slutshame Amber Rose.

Last year, a full version of “Awesome”, West’s love ballad to his wife Kim Kardashian, was released online. It had a lot of us hoping that this wasn’t going to be on his upcoming studio album So Help Me God (which is, after several name changes, now titled The Life of Pablo). It didn’t make the cut. In fact, most Kanye stans seemed to have forgotten about this little diamond in the rough because it was often left out of the “which tracks will Kanye include on his latest album” discussion. Out of all the tracks teased to us in the year or so, only three made the cut: “Fade,” “Wolves,” and “Real Friends” (the stellar “No More Parties in LA” featuring Kendrick Lamar was ultimately cut).

Whether or not this song is “good” by your terms, is up to you. It’s “good” on Kanye’s terms because it’s a reflection of how much Kanye does not give a shit about what others think of him, his marriage to Kim or anything. Kanye doesn’t pander to anyone but himself.

One time, I tweeted that I’ll be forever alone because no one will ever love me as much as Kanye loves Kim. My boyfriend at the time got mad at me because he took this tweet very seriously — however, he does not take Kanye seriously.

The song itself is outrageous and nonsensical. As my friend puts it, it’s the ultimate Gemini song. However, it is also a reminder that if you’re not going to represent yourself then quite frankly, no one else will.

Quinten Virginillo

Max Milner – “Sex Sheets”

If you’re spending this Valentine’s day coming out of an unfaithful relationship, this is the song for you. It follows the artist’s story of dealing with his cheating lover. Quick-paced with harsh words, the perfect anti-valentine’s mix.

Oh Wonder – “Shark”

This is a song for the late night ‘Valentine’s day and chill’, it is a darker love song about someone being the “demon in the dark” that is tempting you and bringing out the worst (or maybe the best?)

Jessa Evenden

The Moldy Peaches – “Jorge Regula”

This is my top pick for Valentines Day because it’s so mundane and simple. It’s not as well-known than some other iconic romantic songs by The Moldy Peaches, this one is a lot more basic. I think that’s what I’m into about it. Because romance is 5% grand gestures and 95% sharing the boring, everyday bits of your life with someone you care about a lot. That’s why lyrics like “Let’s get a bite to eat / Let’s talk about movies / Let’s go to sleep” seem especially sweet – because they’re boring and sometimes love is boring but it’s okay because it’s love and it’s just as nice that way. Also the song is just cute and fantastic to put on your next mixtape, just an FYI.

Tamara Sherwood

Brad Paisley – “She’s Everything”

This is the song that says everything a woman wants to hear. Sorry, Drake. Sorry, One Direction. Sorry, Justin Bieber. I keep changing my mind as to what I want my future wedding song to be and it’s all Brad Paisley’s fault. This is the song you want to play as you slow-dance in the kitchen with your boyfriend/husband/cat/self. Most importantly, I believe this can be interpreted as more than just a love song from a man to a woman. When I listen to this song I am reminded of the fact that I am everything to myself, that being loved by someone else is truly a wonderful thing, but loving yourself wholly and completely is also pretty revolutionary. Every woman will find herself in this song, myself included. Remember, the most underrated weapon is utter and complete self-love! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Alekzia Hosein

Chief Keef – “Love Sosa”

Love is often both complicated and frightening. In the case of loving Sosa, a.k.a. Chief Keef, it’s neither. The song’s catchy hook correlates loving someone with doing it all for them, a definition that transcends the expectations in most relationships. If Keef can trust that he won’t those who love him will stay loyal, maybe we should be all be a bit less fearful about getting hurt.

Grace Guimond

Coldhart – “Girl at da Thraxxshow”

The LA based Thraxxhouse movement is a brilliantly elusive collective of rappers, producers, artists, and designers that can’t really be pinned down into any salient category, but an arbitrary attempt to do so might sound something like “gothy witch house sad boy occult rap.” Closely intertwined and comprising a number of Thraxxhouse members is GOTHBOICLIQUE, a rap collective made up of musicians like Wicca Phase Springs Eternal, Coldhart, Young Bruh, and Horse Head. GOTHBOICLIQUE’s emotional trap breaks down boundaries between genres, sampling everything from mid 2000s emo revival to early 2000s pop punk and embodies an aesthetic comprised of Benzes, backwoods, all black fits and matching AF1s, naturally.

Genre pioneer Coldhart’s “Girl at da Thraxxshow” off his recent b4bby mix, prod by Jayyeah, reminds us how a mildly obscure aesthetic can continue to inspire fresh content. Loosely sampling Blink 182’s “The Rock Show”, slowed, throwed, and lowed, cold hart shows us how he fell in love at the Thraxxshow, bleeding for his TOMMY G4RL like he’s Van Gogh. With lyrics like “feel like travis barker cause I’m tatted like a rock star, when you at my show baby party like a rock star, I be smoking dope got me feeling like I’m on Mars, feeling astro-nuts cause I’m sitting on top of stars”, this swag triumphant GOTHBOICLIQUE anthem inspires us all to glo up and show up to our respective Thraxxshows this V-day and find our perfect G0Th1CC R0CK SH4WTY’s. (Fellow pop punk cloud rap fans take note: cold hart’s b4byy has no shortage of gothed out blink samples).

Rachel Chiong

bo en – “miss you”

bo en’s kind of miss isn’t a brooding talking to the moon longing. It’s an everyday miss. A window seat kind of missing, when you watch scenery fly by while your tummy hums with anticipation knowing that you’ll see your loved one soon. The playful instrumentals layers a childlike fascination for love. Electric xylophone rains in little drops over birds twittering, whistling, mechanical whirring and synth reminiscent of old school video games. This is the sweeter, kinder part of a day that celebrates all shades of love.

James Li

Buzzcocks – “Ever Fallen in Love? (With Someone You Shouldn’t’ve)”

Only all the time. This is one of punk’s greatest and most iconic love songs for a reason. It instantly burrows under your skin with its driving rhythm and razor-wire guitars. But it’s Pete Shelley’s impassioned and desperate vocals that make it perfect for Valentine’s Day, as well as his lyrics, which anyone who’s been burned by love can relate to.

Fiona Apple – “Werewolf”

Why not balance out a bitter love song with a sweet breakup song? While most breakup songs are about the moment where the pain of the separation is still fresh, Fiona Apple’s piano ballad is about finding closure and healing. Even as she describes herself and her ex as “a wishing well and a bolt of electricity”, she owns to her own mistakes and moves on. Breakups can hurt, but usually they’re for the best – nothing wrong when a song ends in a minor key.

Photo via Vogue.


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