Show Review: Bleached At The Garrison

By Anna Trikas

Seeing Bleached live at the Garrison last week was a very neat experience, as both myself and my friend had very different opinions about the band – one of us comes from a new punk background, while the other prefers different genres. This gave us a couple different ways of thinking about the band’s performance and style.

Arriving early gave us a chance to order drinks at both of the bars (inner room and outer room) and to check out The Garrison. It seemed to be the perfect setup for the LA-based all-girl punk band – dimly lit and intimate. The girls had decorated their sound system and drums with flowers, giving their set an ironically feminine twist. The stage was illuminated with a red flood light, contributing to the garage-y feel of the concert.

 No Parents, also a new punk band from LA, was the first group to take the stage. They were very reminiscent of the Descendents. Though they were clearly enthusiastic and energetic in their performance, we felt that they could have been a bit more creative with their sound (and especially their lyrics).


Bleached – Enter The Worms (2016)

As soon as Bleached began to play, the atmosphere of the room changed and the crowd became more animated. The Joan-Jett-esque trio maintained a consistent sound throughout, bouncing between belting out their biggest hits and promoting some of the tracks from their recently released album Welcome the Worms, like single “Wednesday Night Melody.”  Strong vocals and gritty guitar solos made for an exciting show.  All three musicians were really able to showcase their talent on the guitar, and their drummer – Monte from No Parents – kept up with the girls’ lively performance.  Bleached’s cover of the Ramones hit, “Today Your Love, Tomorrow the World,” was a neat addition to the set – they put an interesting, modern spin on the classic tune. During “Desolate Town,” all three girls got down on the floor, strumming energetically and mirroring the audience’s energy; it was clear that they were enjoying themselves. At one point, the band members from No Parents hopped up on stage too, singing along.

After the concert wrapped up, we stuck around for a bit, hoping to get a set list we found signed. We were lucky enough to get meet both Jennifer and Jessie Clavin, the two sisters who founded the band. “My advice to the world?” Jessie thought for a moment, in response to my friend’s inquiry. “I think my advice to the world would be to play music, because music brings the world together. You know?” she said with a smile.

Overall, we both enjoyed the show at the Garrison. The venue was an excellent fit for Bleached, and their enthusiasm for music was evident in the way they performed. In short, give Bleached a listen when you have the chance – yo will be pleasantly surprised by what you hear.


Photo via Pitch Perfect: taken by Nicole Anne Robbins


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