By Isaac Fox, Photo/album cover by Jake Kivanc (@KivancJake)

While his debut EP is named for this year’s frosty summer, Kyle Wildfern is at his warmest on It Was Never Summer,  and it is a must-listen for those unfamiliar with this gruff-voiced Brampton artist.

Excepting the high-pace opener, “Keep It Low,” the EP marks a noticeable stylistic departure from Kyle’s other 2017 release, the Life is Crazy playlist, which was made up of a collection of his most pugilistic, hard-hitting singles. Instead, he slows the tempo and addresses a range of new subject matter from waiting for unrequited love, to drunk, end-of-the-night encounters, staying one step ahead of his competitors. Lyrically, the project showcases both Kyle’s signature aggressive humour, and his vulnerability. In “Tell Me,” he declares that it’s “the year of the roadman” while in, “Love,” he asks himself “why […] we wait for love, but love won’t wait for us.” It’s also worth mentioning that his self-dubbed nickname, “Presto Papaito,” (or “2 Presto Papi”) is likely as GTA as an alias can possibly get.

Few artists could juxtapose this range of moods while maintaining a consistent vibe, but the Waycool collective’s roster of in-house producers and close affiliates are more than up to the task. The EP’s intricate and bass-heavy production is provided by fellow Waycool members Martin Sole and Dviousmindz, as well as by frequent collaborators Chris Rose and Money Montage, who score the excellent, “New Rum.” Production-wise, the absolute stand-out is “Keep it Low,” which is grounded by a booming kick and a melodic synth loop, while a maze of hi-hats and snare drums flickers throughout every part of the mix. The production on the EP’s other tracks is of a similar caliber, and provides a solid backdrop for Kyle’s melodic slick-talk.

It Was Never Summer is an excellent gateway into this rising collective’s dense back catalog, which stretches back to late 2014 – although the earliest Waycool material has now largely been scrubbed from the internet. Give it a listen, and stay on the lookout for more of Kyle’s music in the last months of 2017, as well as upcoming releases from his fellow Waycool vocalists, Jordan Cassius and Josh Dillon.



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