Lost in the Sauce: Sundae Sauuce’s Travis George on Strawberry Drizzle

By: Isaac Nikolai Fox

Q-Tip once famously said, “Record company people are shady.” New York’s Sundae Sauuce proves the exact opposite.

Co-founded in 2016 by high-school friends Travis George and Colin Petry, who still live blocks apart in Long Island, Sundae Sauuce is the definition of a family-and-friends project. They throw regular shows and parties headlined by many of the producers who turn up on their compilation albums, connect artists who would never otherwise meet, and work to create carefree spaces where everyone can enjoy themselves. And right from the start, Sundae Sauuce has been deeply committed to philanthropy; their Drizzle and Subtle Sprinkles compilation series have both raised money for VH1’s Save the Music Foundation, and they’re supporting a new cause with their latest drop. Demo spoke to Travis last week prior to the compilation’s release, and got the stories behind the label’s origins and future, their newest release Strawberry Drizzle, and the important cause they’re supporting with it.

What’s the origin story behind Sundae Sauce?

Colin and I have been friends since high school, and he used to put me onto a ton of music by the whole Soulection crew way back in the day. And a few years ago, when Soulection did a fundraiser for Japan after the tsunami struck, I started to wonder why there wasn’t a platform for music with charity as its foundation; this was the beginning of the Sundae Sauuce concept. Last year, after graduating from college, I didn’t really know what I was doing – and neither did Colin. The one thing we did have was this idea from back in the day that we both knew had potential, especially given Colin’s deep knowledge of the future-beat/future-funk/EDM scenes and my background in marketing. So we decided to run with it.

Sundae Sauuce started up in September of last year, and especially since this March, it’s been taking off to the point where we’re throwing live shows all over New York, we’ve released a bunch of these charity compilations, we’re doing doing radio shows, everything. It’s still growing, but we’re really happy with the progress we’ve made in our first year as a label and the people we’ve been able to bring together and have an impact on.

Which charity are you supporting with Strawberry Drizzle?

The money raised from this release is going to several charities supporting the relief effort for Puerto Rico. Puerto Ricans need our help right now – they’re not receiving the same level of help as Americans in states like Texas have, and the humanitarian situation there at the moment is still really dire. And I have a lot of family members that either live in or come from Puerto Rico, so there’s a personal connection for me to this cause as well.

Who do you guys have on the compilation?

Ughh, this is hard. There’s sixteen tracks and nineteen artists, so I don’t want to leave anyone out but I’ll just name a few of them. We’ve got tracks from Birocratic, Flamingosis, Engelwood, Ian Ewing, Falcxne, The Kount, Blue Wednesday, Joakim Karud, and a lot of other talented artists. I’m really excited about it – I think it’s going to be our biggest release yet, and with any luck we’ll break our fundraising records.

What’s next for you guys?

We don’t want to be tied to only one genre! Right now we’re all about the funk, but the thing that distinguishes us from other labels and movements is that our movement’s tied together through a commitment to charity, not a specific genre. So we’ll be expanding into new styles of music, both for our compilations and for our live shows. And aside from that, Colin and I just want to keep building the Sundae Sauuce family; we’ve heard so many stories about the music industry being shady, and we’re just not about that at all. We’re strictly about the music, good times, and using our platform to give back.

Sundae Sauuce’s latest compilation “Strawberry Drizzle” is out now. Take a listen here.

  Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 8.05.00 PM.png


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