Playlist: Love Nothing

By Avneet Sharma, Photo Source: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Yet again, it didn’t work out. Once upon a time, you met someone who you really clicked with in a special way, and now you’re dealing with the inevitable demise of that relationship (or… whatever it was). To add to all the pain and drama, it’s also Valentine’s Day. Understandably, you’re totally not feeling it. All these people parading around with their dates, and thinking that love is great? What do they know? Love sucks. Love is the worst. Everyone is a liar and it’s just better to love nothing. At least that’s how you’re going to feel until you meet someone new. But for now, here’s a Valentine’s Day playlist for those who feel jaded and cynical about the arbitrary concept of love. For now, let’s just love nothing and pretend it doesn’t even exist.



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