Songs Of The Summer 2012: Part Fourteen

With summer in full swing, we asked our Demo contributors, some Canadian musicians and a variety of U of T students what song they hope will represent their four months of sun.  Over the next weeks, we will share what they said.

Katie Broschuk, 3rd Year, History and Political Science

Song: One Thing
Band: One Direction
Album: Up All Night

The song “One Thing” has really been there for me during this summer of 2012. It brightens up my drive to work, instigates dance parties in the basement with my younger cousin, and breaks up monotonous trips across the great Manitoba Prairie. I sing it at the top of my lungs while driving my bike to the beach, while cleaning up the house, and when I get ready in the morning. It came on the radio while I was hopelessly lost, parked in a rainy Esso Station on the wrong side of the city.  It is sweet and uncomplicated, a silly song, but when those first few lines come on: “you’re insecure… don’t know what for…”, a smile comes on my face and it’s time for a dance party, no matter how grumpy. 


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