Show Review: The Temper Trap At The Phoenix

By Dede Akolo, Feature Photo via AAA Backstage

Venturing to concert by one’s self is an experience all on its own. There is to dependence upon others to keep spots in line or hail down the bartender. While it was slightly lonely, the radiance of the performances at The Phoenix made up for my lack of company.

Opening for The Temper Trap was an Californian indie pop duo, Coast Moderns. From the syncopation of drums and bass lines and the classic 90’s west coast twang of the vocals I knew this band either was from California or really wanted to take me there. They fit the roster of energetic, impactful yet not outshining the headlining band. Believe me, the drummer they had that night could obliterate anyone.

Coming through about an hour later is the four piece Australian outfit, The Temper Trap. A music writer may assume that after years of success in the ‘indie boom of the 2000s’, a band may try their hardest to shed those ties. Fortunately, Temper Trap took a look into the past, particularly their first album Conditions, to assess their appeal and individuality in their newest album Thick As Thieves. After four years, their newest material retains the stadium status indie rock. The veins of classic rock are cut through by lead vocalist, Dougy Mandagi. The higher timbre and vibrato of his voice suspends gracefully through the deep urgency of the rest of the band.

It was an amazing experience and while I am not all too familiar with their newest material, the energy kept throughout as the entire crowd lost itself that night.

And yes, they played “Sweet Disposition.” Last. My heart soared a little.


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