Goddamn Exams—A Selection Of Jams

By Grace Guimond, Feature Photo via Reddit


  1. Journal 「SOS 団」from School Days by Cat System Corp.

Vaporwave artist Cat System Corp doesn’t just drop tracks, they curate an audio-visual experience, painting the backdrop to a retrofuturistic society. Each album creates a sound collage of samples where the atmosphere and experience are central to the process, carefully constructed to transport the listener to a different time and place. News at 11 revolves exclusively around news footage from the morning 9/11 attacks pre-crash, sometimes as mundane as a mall (Pall Mall). Some albums transport you to somewhere more obscure, sometime not even real–– 2814 takes you to a dystopian society 800 years in the future. The mallsoft track “Journal” come off of Cat System’s School Days (no explanation needed), mixing an easy-listening soundtrack for your fall semester when everything else is everything but easy, and having the added bonus of being study music that’s actually enjoyable (looking at you, Spotify “study” station).

  1. Carry the Zero – Built to Spill

Will listening to OG Northwest indie-rockers croon about addition subliminally drill those equations into your head? Probably not, but hey–– if your exam involves carrying a zero, this ear worm is recall-worthy enough that you’ll get at least one question right!

  1. Point A to Point B – Modest Mouse

“Point A to point B, oh, I know, lots of points with no points in between”  is an accurate description for my University career so far: from bright-eyed, bushy tailed, fresh-outta-high school to diploma-in-hand, with the four or so odd years in the middle spend doggy paddling the void, bereft of any semblance of structure save an amorphous blob of stress.

  1. Chemistry – Kimya Dawson

Queen of antifolk, everyone’s favourite pretend mom, one half of the Moldy Peaches and one half of The Uncluded (Aesop Rock being the other), Kimya Dawson makes folk punk for folks to folky too be punk and too punky to be folk. Will probably make you cry just as much as your chemistry homework does, but the good kind.

  1. Goodnight N. / Life on a Young Planet – Carla Sagan

Very chill Montreal science pop. Good for stargazing, studying, and learning about the first 3 billion years of life on earth. Whoever said that learning about science was incompatible with puffin on that loud, probably has a better average than me.  (Full disclosure: I think I am obligated to note that my sister’s in this band).



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