Show Review: Dilly Dally At Lee’s Palace

By Arman Adel, Feature Photo via one in ten words

When bassist Jimmy Tony stepped onto the stage proclaiming, “F**k Trump,” you knew Dilly Dally was ready to hit the audience hard. Front woman Katie Monks stepped up to her mic screaming “CAN’T YOU RELATE TO IT?!” From that point on, the room was hers. The sound was straightforward and loud.


Dilly Dally, photo by Arman Adel

Drummer Benjamin Reinhartz and bassist Jimmy Tony set the pace and Katie Monks and lead guitarist Liz Ball cut right through it with Monks’ shrieking vocals and Ball’s piercing guitar licks. It was clear that the band had grown substantially since their early performances. They still had Dilly Dally’s original rough aesthetic, but the playing was much tighter and Katie Monk had developed a lot more control over her voice. This gave the audience the full experience on songs such as “The Touch” and “Ballin’ Chain” where the powerful screams sometimes caused Monk trouble in the past.

For the encore Dilly Dally ended with “Desire” finishing off what was a solid performance for one of Toronto’s best new artists.


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