Show Review: Tim Darcy At The Drake Hotel

Story & Photos by Tyson Moll,

Just as Wiarton’s prophecy was coming to pass, I moseyed down below the Drake Hotel, one of the most beautiful venue spaces I’ve had the chance to experience in the city. After the packed-as-sardines Homeshake concert a couple months back in the now retired Silver Dollar, it was great to attend a show that didn’t quite sell out. Tonight was the special occasion of Tim Darcy’s album release, Saturday Night. By special request of their drummer Charlotte Cornfield, we chanced the opportunity to hear dream folk act Blunt Chunks (aka Caitlin Woelfle-O’Brien) open the set. I cracked open a cider under the stellar incandescent arrangements and took in a pleasant night of folk music.

Several of the attendees parked just in front of the stage as Caitlin nervously took the stage in her self-described ‘icy spicy’ thrift outfit. The lovely sounds of her wispy guitar captivated among choruses of melodious tape loops that carried across the room. Despite several equipment failures, Caitlin and the crowd kept in good spirits. The set concluded spectacularly.

Headliner Tim Darcy followed with his merry band playing a series of indie rock tunes, hitting it off with “Tall Glass of Water.” In stark contrast to his post-punk work with Ought, there was a sense of merriness and volume to his vocals with an almost country feel. The warmth of Tim’s vocals rippled and waked against a shore of enamoured crowd-goers swaying along to the rhythm of their guitars.

The snow’s melting in time for spring.


Blunt Chunks


Tim Darcy


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